The Devastating Sunset

Far across the sky,
I see a red glow,
Converging towards the horizon,
But fading out slow,
It looked like sunset,
But it’s the middle of the night,
My mind is asking questions,
Trying hard to fight,
To figure what it is,
That shook the buildings high,
There’s smoke filled with screams,
Pacing towards me, but why?
It was a time for peace,
Why would there be war?
I was relaxing in the balcony,
Staring at a flickering star,
The ground shook hard,
And dark sky turned red,
Smoke engulfed the city,
Like a wildfire, it spread.
There I stood,
Shocked at the sight,
In front of me was chaos,
Standing with all its might,
I wish I could escape,
But there was only one way,
To surrender by spreading my arms,
And let it take me away!

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