A Moonless Night

Whenever I'm scared, I run towards the terrace, Or find an open ground, Where I can look up into space, Searching for my hope, In a shining ball of light, Peaceful and serene, Illuminating my dark night, But where is it today? I don't see it's cold shine, How could the sky take away, The … Continue reading A Moonless Night

The Devastating Sunset

Far across the sky, I see a red glow, Converging towards the horizon, But fading out slow, It looked like sunset, But it's the middle of the night, My mind is asking questions, Trying hard to fight, To figure what it is, That shook the buildings high, There's smoke filled with screams, Pacing towards me, … Continue reading The Devastating Sunset

LOVE – The Law of Nature part 2

There are times when I wonder, Seeing many new things I ponder, Understanding the laws of nature, I admire, Inhaling a deep fresh breath of love, I respire, Like me, have you ever wondered, That you are one among the hundred, Who is chosen for a special 'someone', Someone expecting you in every rising sun, … Continue reading LOVE – The Law of Nature part 2