Source: Canva

A kid stuck amidst the war,

Father fighting for his son,

Blood, bullets, explosions,

Bodies piling up one by one,

Thoughts railing up in his mind,

Forcing him to make up some lies,

Pointing his son away from chaos,

Saying, “look there son, the fireflies!”

A tiny hint of smile at the boy’s face,

For he found what he was looking for,

Bullets passing few inches away,

But he kept watching, more and more,

“Look at them son, they’re fireflies,

The ones you always wanted to see,

Go catch them I’ll be right behind,

Your daddy needs somewhere to be”.

Words just hung in the air,

A sudden silence stole his heart beat,

As he turned around to find out why,

The ground was dead beneath his feet,

Torn apart in a fraction of moment,

No time to grieve or to stop by,

He grabbed a weapon and charged ahead,

Angry, vengeful but just a boy.

There were never any fireflies,

Only burning ashes falling from the sky,

The boy realised that what he held on to,

Was merely a simple and stupid lie!

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