1) “Rise, like a sun rises with light;
Fall, like a stone falls with impact;
In either case you’ll create awareness…!”

2) “Inspiration is the only thing that can be borrowed but never returned…!”

3) “The only difference between YOU and ME is that ‘YOU’ never stops and ‘ME’ never falls…!”

4) “Hard work is never measured in number of working hours; it is analysed in terms of internal satisfaction…!”

5) “Just motion is not enough…sometimes the reflection of your ideas on the canvas of perception makes you worth appreciation!”

6) “A worthy hand never shakes while working; and a worthy smile never fades while achieving what you deserve..!”

7) “An idea is worthless without the space where to put it in…!”

8) “Dreams never die; actually we are too much AWAKE to see them…!”

9) “A hole in the wall lets you see what’s on the other side but at the same time makes the wall crack and fall…!”

10) “Destination changes, but ambition remains constant…!”

11) “When you do, do it with style so unique that even YOU can’t double it…!”

12) “There are things we accept, and there are things we ignore; and there are some that need not to be responded to….!”

13) “There is work and there are dreams; work is necessity but dreams are life…! Choose well..!”

14) “You can’t see a flash of light on a bright day; you have to close your eyes!”

15) “The glare in vision may blur your sight but it certainly awakens your instinct….!!”

16) “A person is likely to succeed when he learns to argue with reasons rather than arguing on reasons…!”

17) “Cry for justice, scream for what you deserve, smile for what you do and be glad for what you LOVE..!”

18) ‘Being different’ and ‘becoming different’ are two very different things…!

19) “If you can bend your vision, you can do anything!”

20) “Listen, think, revise, act, fall, exhale, rise, inspire, try, respond, wait, now listen….Yes! You Can!”

21) “Even the brightest light can’t awaken your mind, unless you learn to BELIEVE…!”

22) “Identify your colours, bring them out to light, spread them into the air we breathe; then experience the flavour of every part that blossomed out of YOU…!”

23) “Falling free doesn’t mean you are actually falling; you are rising beyond the fears of LIFE…!”

24) “It’s not gravity that holds you down on the ground; it’s your true character….!”

25) “When life demands silence from you, be silent in words, loud in thoughts & even louder in actions…!”

26) “You may try to say anything out loud, but a small whisper from your heart can be even louder than your words…!”

27) “One day this world, as we know it, will come to an end…and then a new world will begin….a world of ENLIGHTENMENT…!”

28) The walls of limits must be appreciated if they are created from the bricks of expectations!

29) “Thinking moulds imagination into reality…!!”

30) “Fly, invade the sky; crawl, conquer the ground; jump, rule the gravity; THINK, create the world…!”

31) “The ones you love or the ones you care for, will always be good to your perception….even their negatives wash out to new colourful images shining with positivity…!”

32) “It’s not rain that pleases us; it’s actually the way of falling that makes us happy….!”

33) “When you decide to rise after all that FALLS, be sure not to be straight this time; because curves are unpredictable…!”

34) “Be what you are; changing yourself for someone separates you from your own mind…!”

35) “The only time you should consciously and knowingly jump into your past is when you think…’No, I can’t!’…..”

36) “Do what you think you can, not WHATEVER you think you can….!”

37) “A person who dreams, conceives, perceives, and then believes……….achieves…!”

38) “Imagination shapes reality…!”

39) “Empty mind is quite better than corrupted soul…!”

40) “A genius never accepts himself as being one, he just believes in his talent more than anything else with confidence higher than in everything else…!”

©Varun K. Sharma

3 thoughts on “VARUNGENIUS QUOTES #1

  1. Imagination shapes reality.. No question about that.. What we think.. we create.
    tell me,, look around you and tell me one thing that is in your room that wasnt some ones thought!.. Think about that around the world.. and how we have created our reality in which we now live.. with all the gadgets and things we have created through thought!..
    ‘Makes you think!’ lol doesnt it?

    Blessings sent your ways this weekend. ~Sue

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