1) “When earth wobbles, buildings fall….but when humanity wobbles, the creation falls…!”

2) “If you are not bothered about the material you are made of, then you’ll never know the points where you may fail…!”

3) “Thoughts once created can never be destroyed, but can be transformed to ideas, stored as knowledge and justified as reason…!”

4) “Fly with thoughts not the wings; because wings need to move to keep you steady….but thoughts need to be steady to keep you MOVING…!”

5) “Be what you ever wanted to be, and become what you were never before!”

6) “Having wet feet in cold days is a lot better than having dry mind throughout your life.”

7) “Realizing your fault needs patience but accepting your mistakes needs courage…!”

8) Open your eyes, observe,
Open your thoughts, conserve,
Open your mind, perceive,
Find your SELF, achieve…!

9) “Love is not always attractive; sometimes you need to be away to show that you are worth of being closer together…!”

10) ”Life is never measured in time; it’s measured in happiness…the happier you are, the more you live..!”

11) Ambition Always Attracts Achievements All Around…!


13) “Inspiration Induces Intellect!”

14) “Life is like music; the deeper you go into beats and words, the more you wish to never come back…!”

15) “Every scar tells a different story; doesn’t matter which one is painful, what matters is which one is deep…!”

16) “Relations are like rubber band; the harder you try to move away, the closer you come in the end..!”

17) Love Lightens Life, Like Leaf Lying Low Lifts Largely, Leading Lost Lessons Levitate!

18) Wishes Written With Words Will Walk White Walls When We Work Well With Wings Without Wrath Within….!

19) “There are many races going on around; who’s winning doesn’t matter….what matters is who’s watching…!”

20) “If you wish to be, be a drop of water that combines with other drops to CREATE something big….a sea of humanity!”

21) “If you wish to fly, fly but not so high that even our eyes can’t reflect your light and appreciate your flight…!”

22) “Competition is desirable for those who wish to know their own stand, not of others!”

23) The answer to the mysterious question “where we came from?” lies not in the cosmos, but deep inside us!

24) “Voids are not always empty, sometimes even light can’t uncover the shadows..!”

25) “Truth is not found in the complexities of brain; it’s something to be found in the simplicity of HEART..!”

26) “There is nothing in words but everything in letters! A little twist in shape reveals so many hidden stories that were once in the eyes of the writer!”

27) “When you walk on ground, you leave footprints…that fade away……but when you fly in the sky, you leave colours…that always persist in your eyes!”

28) “When you see, see beyond vision,
When you hear, hear beyond disturbance,
When you fly, fly beyond the skies,
When you think, think beyond imagination!”

29) “You can’t fill a cup with curiosity when it’s already full… need to EMPTY YOUR CUP!”

30) The ”way to live” has now become the ”way of life”……that’s why we don’t see it…!

©Varun K. Sharma

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