From the beautiful skylines,
And the intensive sunshines,
From the path less walked by,
And the leaves gone dry,
From the flowers blooming bright,
And the stars scattering light,
From the tides up high,
And the streaks in the sky,
I see the colours of life unseen,
Faded over years that have been.

From the soft silky smiles,
That cover the faces of disguise,
From the sweet true lies,
That make us “wise”,
From the million tries,
That pay no price,
From the deep ‘flashing’ eyes,
That tell a story of cries,
I see the colours of life unseen,
Mystified over time that have been.

Different from the colours we define,
The ‘colours of life’ always shine,
The eyes can’t reflect,
Only instinct can deflect,
The true nature never exists,
Only joy it consists,
Beauty extrudes, outlines refine,
Crystals nurture, meanings re-define,
From the REAL eyes, I see the unseen,
Colours of life, always true they have been….!!!

©Varun K. Sharma

5 thoughts on “COLOURS OF ‘LIFE’

  1. Each of us add our colours into the world and each of us see things differently within our own perception …. Colours of Life is an excellent poem which shows we all view and see, and yet each one sees nothing the same.. For we are all but a reflection!……..
    Love and Blessings to you ~Sue Dreamwalker

  2. You have wrote such a wonderful poem… truly amazing and depicting that how swiftly the color (i.e. aspects) of life changes with passive of time. 😀

  3. life is colorful wen u feel it and most importantly wen u LIVE it!! nice personification!! like alwazz a poem wd a deep hidden positive meaning!! simply wow!!

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