Usual Day, Unusual Events

Today is 21st June 2020, the 172nd day of the year. Anything special about this day? Usually, every year this day marks the summer solstice in Northern hemisphere, which makes the daylight stay for longer hours, making it the longest day of the year. Don't go too scientific on me, the full day is still … Continue reading Usual Day, Unusual Events

JUST THE WAY I AM – My Journey of Spiritual Awakening

There are many things that I am that I should not be, and many things that I should be that I am not! But the truth is that I am ALONE, irrespective of how many friends I have or how many people I know that do care about me. I've been trying to cover this … Continue reading JUST THE WAY I AM – My Journey of Spiritual Awakening


1) "Life shows you what YOU want to see, gives you what YOU desire with true heart, takes away what YOU never think of, makes you what YOU want to become...this means that YOU and only YOU are the architect of your own life!" 2) When it's hard for you to walk, you fall on … Continue reading VARUNGENIUS QUOTES #3