The Brightest Star in the Sky

Alone, sitting on a bench, Wondering why the world's so mean, There you came jumping in joy, Making me smile at this playful scene, You sat beside me gazing into my eyes, Like I had done something wrong, And all of a sudden burst into laughter, Like you've been holding it for so long, For … Continue reading The Brightest Star in the Sky

The Veil of Ego

When the pride of a king, Becomes selfish to him, And serving his own people, Seems vague within, There's something growing, Spreading its roots around, No marks, no scratches, No sight, and no sound, The veil of ego, Covering the walls of mind, Opinions don't matter, Instinct goes blind. The one that rules, The money … Continue reading The Veil of Ego


Ever imagined a tree, With shining fruits and leaves, Waving and dancing with the wind, That blows right through them, Separating them from one another, Injecting a serum of joy, In their watery flesh, So tangible and discrete, That eyes can't see, But mind can read, Senses fail to detect, The essence of freedom, Even … Continue reading LET IT BE FREE