The Veil of Ego

When the pride of a king,
Becomes selfish to him,
And serving his own people,
Seems vague within,
There’s something growing,
Spreading its roots around,
No marks, no scratches,
No sight, and no sound,
The veil of ego,
Covering the walls of mind,
Opinions don’t matter,
Instinct goes blind.

The one that rules,
The money and the minds,
Neither peace nor solace,
He ever finds,
Lost in his ego,
He fails to judge,
Even the acts of compassion,
Turn into grudge.

Lift off the veil,
Embrace the other side,
Bring people together,
With love, honor and pride,
Then even without your throne,
Your crown, cape and ring,
You’ll become and be called,
One true king!

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