Who art thou?

"Who art thou?" asked my mind, Looking keenly but acting blind, Lost already but pretending to find, Moving forward but still left behind, Filled with hatred but behaving kind, Favouring freedom but staying confined, Unbiased judgement but still inclined, Accepting failure but victories declined, Walking on distant paths but intertwined, Balanced choices but misaligned, Powerful … Continue reading Who art thou?

A Moment of Serenity

Time flies by, Moments pass on, Legs keep moving, Another day gone, After the sun is down, A sense of solace, It's time to finally relax, At my favourite place, Feeling hell sleepy, But it takes hours to close the eyes, The moment is peaceful, But mind is still in disguise, How long will it … Continue reading A Moment of Serenity

An Amusing Fantasy

A fantasy amuses me, After a long tiring day, That I'm walking by the beach, At the silence of the bay, Wind whispering the words, Like a song to my ears, In the jumbled up emotions, My dimple stops my tears, The day turns to dawn, I look up at the moon, Comforting me by … Continue reading An Amusing Fantasy