The Least Evil Plan

I was following a trail of long file of house ants that just happened to appear out of nowhere and looking for all alternatives to somehow kick them away without hurting them, I only came up with the least evil plan – flush them away with water.

So savage of me, yes I know. But then before I started working on my evil plan, a thought struck my mind. Me, being a superior being than the house ant ( although I’m not! ), can clean up the mess by simply flooding them into the drain. From their perspective, they couldn’t have even a slight chance of knowing this would happen. But it did, and that too because I intended to. It was my intention, my decision, and my action that caused this calamity.

Thinking on one scale higher, thousands of humans were flooded in tsunamis, rain floods and cloud bursts in many instances during our past. Although it was not our intention, and we didn’t have even a slight prediction of any such calamity, it still happened. Maybe, it was not our intention, our decision or our action that led to this but of some superior being who thinks we made a mess, just like the ants did. And thinking of all alternatives to clean up this mess, He came up with the least evil plan.

Just a thought!!!

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