The Selfless Bond

From the very first moment,
When I opened my eyes,
I saw those delighted faces,
With their sparkling smiles,
From the very first time,
When I struggled to walk,
They kept their arms opened,
To catch me if I fall,
From my very first word,
That I tried to speak,
They kept bearing my obstinacy,
Making me feel unique.

Today when I have traveled,
The road to progress this further,
They have always backed me up,
Made me like no other,
In all those highs and lows,
When I’m cornered in my guilt,
They remind me who I am,
The character that they built,
I may reach the summit,
But may not reach alone,
There are always people that care,
Taking problems as their own,
Family is not people,
It’s a bond that feels strong,
Connected by an invisible thread,
They would never do me wrong.