There are celebrations all around the country on this colourful festival of love – HOLI. Festivals are the best means to forget all your worries, be together and enjoy to the fullest. But it all depends on how you want to celebrate, the way you feel happy! I’m glad that this Holi I’m watching something beyond my normal gaze. Today, I see the colours not in the hands of the people but in the hands of the universe. In my higher state, I see the variety of beautiful colours of which the universe is made of – The colours of LOVE. The image of The Divine (whatever image you may imagine it to be) can be seen clearly among the stars, galaxies, and the dark matter. To see such a beautiful image, you don’t have to gaze at the skies; you just need to look inside! You are made of the same ingredients as that of the universe. YOU are the universe; and you are as beautiful as you imagine the universe to be! You are vast in your imagination and limitless in your possibilities. And this is the truth!

Like every festival, this festival of colours is also unique in its own way! And like every other festival, this too, is going to take you away from all your worries and problems and into a sphere of joy and happiness. Though it would last only for a day, you should only be concerned about the NOW, the PRESENT; only then you may enjoy it to the fullest. On this colourful day, I would like to share one of my poems titled “Colours of Life” that I wrote last year and posted on my blog on Mar 1st 2012:

New Bitmap Image

“Some days are better than the others” is completely a myth! Each day is special, every day is a new festival. You don’t need any special occasion or proper alignment of stars to celebrate. In other words, you don’t need any reason to celebrate; just do when you want to! Each day brings a new beginning; an opportunity to start fresh and leave the regrets and worries behind. Celebrate each day, not with wealth, but with virtues. Bring smile on the faces, not with money, but with LOVE.

Happy Holi to all!


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