Ever imagined a tree, With shining fruits and leaves, Waving and dancing with the wind, That blows right through them, Separating them from one another, Injecting a serum of joy, In their watery flesh, So tangible and discrete, That eyes can't see, But mind can read, Senses fail to detect, The essence of freedom, Even … Continue reading LET IT BE FREE


From the very first breath, Till last few minutes of death, Why you ask for more and more, When there's nothing you can possess anymore, During the dark winter season, When there's no possible reason, Why you ask the questions same, When you forget even your own name, Cutting down the standing green, Hey mind! … Continue reading COME BACK TO REALITY

My beautiful Earth

This poem is about my planet EARTH that was green and beautiful long ago, but the greed of human nature to get more and more comforts of life has made our planet worst than ever. There is a comparison between the green and beautiful Earth many decades ago and the dying planet of today! It mentions that if we fail to restore the nature, then the nature follows violent path to restore itself...the natural disasters. If the same thing continues in the future too, then soon we may witness an APOCALYPSE that will end human life and restore the planet to it's original form!