From the very first breath,
Till last few minutes of death,
Why you ask for more and more,
When there’s nothing you can possess anymore,
During the dark winter season,
When there’s no possible reason,
Why you ask the questions same,
When you forget even your own name,
Cutting down the standing green,
Hey mind! Where have you been???
Killing the innocent breath,
Why are you still afraid of death,
Holding the saw in your holy hand,
Have you ever asked “Where do I stand?”,
Except those tiring sleepless nights,
Have you ever opened your eyes,
Away from these world’s character duality,
Come back to life, come back to reality!

You think of past when life is in present,
You curse every moment when life is pleasant,
You are never satisfied when you possess everything you wish,
You never have time to admire when you eat your favourite dish,
For centuries you learned, developed and evolved,
Various mysteries of nature you’ve solved,
But when it comes to “YOU” and “ME”,
Why is the answer “Let it be!”,
Has your language become your winning card,
Or has your money become your sacred lord,
Where is the human that was born for a reason,
To accomplish the tasks with love not treason,
Deep into your conscious personality,
Come back to awareness, come back to reality…!!!

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