My beautiful Earth

What I’m going to share is perfectly true,

I live on a planet whose colour is blue,

Life started here millions of years ago,

And now humans are finding a new place to go,

Everything on this planet is wasted and consumed,

Therefore we are trying to find a new planet for our life to be resumed,

Everything here was green and fresh,

But human comforts have made it a trash,

Cold fresh breeze was swiftly flowing across,

But now it’s just smoke and dust left for our lungs to pass,

And now when humans don’t care of nature anyway,

The nature adjusts itself in its own way,

Natural disasters are incoming one after the other,

Because our planet is dying and humans don’t bother,

What we have consumed from nature and not given back,

Nature gets them itself by following the violent track,

If we can’t restore the nature in it’s original form with a better way,

Then be ready for the APOCALYPSE that is on its way!!!

3 thoughts on “My beautiful Earth

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