Who Am I ?

Who am I?
Am I a human in every way,
Or an animal wandering in search of its prey,
Am I the son of GOD in reality,
Or it’s just the matter of spirituality,
Am I the person who lives on others’ well wish,
Or rather I’m the one who is being a selfish,
Am I a tree in the green world of nature,
Or a seed of a plant still waiting to nurture,
Am I the water falling down the cliff,
Or a mountain standing hard and stiff,
Am I the breeze of love and brotherhood,
Or a strong wind that hits as hard as it could,
Am I a plank of wood floating on the sea,
Or a drowning cruise ship with no way to flee,
Am I life or am I death,
Or am I the person with no faith,
All these things in my brain when they pass by,
I frequently ask myself: WHO AM I?

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