Two different lands, Separated by a river, The gap not so wide, But neither easy to cover, One grows flowers, That bloom different colors, Other grows fruits, Offering variety of flavors, Flowers blossom with fragrance, But that's only what they provide, I see there's a bridge, Why not try the other side? There's something about … Continue reading Bridge

What’s in a name

What's in a name, That you carry along, You call it your birthright, And that isn't wrong, What's in a name, That fills you with rejoice, When you hear its words echo, From someone else's voice, What's in a name, That makes you so proud, Even with intentions so damped, It shouts your actions loud, … Continue reading What’s in a name

THE PRICE OF TIME (Simplified)

Due to many topics of confusion in the previous post “THE PRICE OF TIME”, I decided to post a simplified version of the previous post. In this post, I’ve omitted the use of confusing terms like ‘absolute reality’, ‘relative reality’ and some scientific terms that I used much frequently in my previous post. I hope … Continue reading THE PRICE OF TIME (Simplified)