Studying hard till 10th standard,
And confused about stream in 11th standard,
Most choose non-medical stream,
Thinking that engineering is their golden dream,
Appearing for entrances one after another then,
And running for counselling with all documents and a pen,
Then waiting eagerly for the results of admissions,
Thinking that “I’ll be selected under all conditions”,
Getting a college that is best in every way,
Wandering with friends makes the day,
Intro by seniors makes the heart beat like running train,
And new subjects feel like they’re turning our brain,
Making new friends all of different nature and unique personality,
But no one looks like an engineer in reality.

Cramming all the subjects with no concepts developed,
Studying just three days before the exams get started,
Playing three hours continuously after the lectures,
And looking every day for some new adventures,
Bunking the classes and hanging out with friends,
Passing the days following new trends,
All here believe in numbers and not in quality,
As no one here is ‘an engineer in reality’.

Then who is here an engineer in reality,
He is the one, who is unique in personality,
He is an epitome of positivity,
With a blend of spirituality,
He is the one, who lives in the present and not in virtual reality,
He is an engineer in spirit with knowledge as his identity,
An ocean of concepts, a wave of practicality,
A river of flowing ideas with skills of technicality,
All these qualities are sprouting within me in actuality,
That’s why I’m an engineer in reality.


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