They say that life is a race,
And the winner is the one who is at his full pace,
The one who finishes the race and then touches the ground,
He is the one who is most rarely found.
But I say life is like a crowd,
All of whose members feel really proud,
But the one who watches the crowd a distance away,
He is the true winner of the day.
To experience something, you need to analyse the same,
Coz’ falling unknowingly in the situation is such a shame,
The members of crowd who feel really proud,
They are just the fools surprisingly moving around,
The one who stands a distance away,
Watches the crowd and analyses the play.
To get into the crowd there are two possible ways,
Go rushing into the crowd or wait until someone says,
If you go rushing you’ll find nothing to see,
And all others will ask you to flee,
But if you go when someone calls you from the crowd,
This is the time when you should feel proud,
You’ll get your space and see what’s happening around,
Coz’ you just WATCH THE CROWD…

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