A recent sudden and strange change in climate has surprised humans and has negatively affected their thinking and their life too. The climatic conditions which we are observing today would have been 10 years later i.e. in 2020. It seems like the whole seasonal cycle is disturbed by some anti-nature activities. Today, human psychology has reached to such a level that whatever he does for his ease, favour and comfort, becomes disease, unfavourable and discomfort for nature. It is true that humans are dependent on nature and they should be! But being dependent does not mean to take everything and give nothing in return. As humans are dependent on nature, nature and its resources, too, are dependent on humans and their activities. Depleting a part of nature can not make it grow and bloom by itself; and if it does, it takes time! For restoration of depleting part, needs a push- an initiation-which we, humans, can give!
Now, coming to the point, most of you might have noticed the strange climatic changes in the past few years! But have you ever tried to figure out the reason behind this change? NO! Because, that’s human nature- see and forget! The recent changes in climate are not due to anything else but our own ‘anti-nature activities’. During the past few years, many sudden climatic changes have occurred which were never expected this early. Whenever there is any natural disaster, there is huge property loss and of course, loss of natural resources as well! But nature can repair itself from such disasters because it is designed and programmed to do so! The problem arises when humans and their activities start affecting the nature adversely. And when this happens, nature can’t repair itself so fast. The condition becomes worse when at such a degrading stage; the continuous use of natural resources still persists. The result is that nature loses its part as no time is given to it for repairing itself. The melting of glaciers and polar ice caps, the volcanic eruptions, the trembling and devastating earthquakes, and the giant tsunamis- are all the consequences of our greed to gain comfort and an ‘easy’ life.
This year summer season started earlier than before (in the month of May); whereas it was expected to be starting between ending May and starting June. In 2011, it may start even early. It seems that there is a great seasonal and climatic shift awaiting us. If this happens, then global warming will reach at such an alarming stage that it will be not possible to even think of doing something to stop it or escape from it!
Whenever there is any natural calamity- be it a flood, an earthquake, landslide, tsunami, volcanic eruption, etc. – do not take it as just a natural disaster which is not in our control. Think of it to be a warning to humans by nature that says: “There is time, help me or I will destroy you!” Every natural disaster is a warning to mankind, so that we can help the nature regain its original beauty and spread its colour of joy and happiness everywhere!
“How can I help?”- This might be the question in everyone’s mind right now! I am not going to discuss the ways to help nature; trust me, you already know them! The only need is to bring out these ideas and put them into practice. Even a small help can save us from upcoming disaster of losing ourselves into another world. So, always remember, there are no accidents, no coincidences; everything that happens has a reason behind it. The only need is to figure it out and solve the problem.
Love the nature and the nature will care for you!!!
There’s a saying:

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