The Day I Become Me!

It's 18th April, and for those who don't know the significance of this day, well... It's my birthday 🙂 Mostly, birthday is like new year where we revisit past memories and moments like first-timers, surprises, disappointments, and so on. Bit I'd spare the history and would like to share about the reason why I am … Continue reading The Day I Become Me!

My Wish For You!

Together we stayed, In a different world of ours, Together we prayed, And shared extraordinary powers, You believed in God, I believed in you, Every story you told, I considered it true. Your tongue-twisting recipes, Tortured me high, But to make you smile, I never gave up to try, My reluctant habits, And your scoldings … Continue reading My Wish For You!


There are only two days in my life when I'm satisfied the most - the day when someone makes me feel special and the day when I make someone feel special. As far as making me feel special is concerned, I can do that for myself, as I don't expect much from other. But when … Continue reading THE HAPPY DAYS….