The Day I Become Me!

It’s 18th April, and for those who don’t know the significance of this day, well… It’s my birthday 🙂

Mostly, birthday is like new year where we revisit past memories and moments like first-timers, surprises, disappointments, and so on. Bit I’d spare the history and would like to share about the reason why I am what I am today. It’s said that a person becomes what he is as a result of his experiences. But I think before experiences, come decisions. Everyone of us are here, at this moment right now, because of the decisions we made in the past. Then came the experiences that helped us grow and nurture our character to its best.

My story is no different. I was a normal kid till my higher secondary school (12th standard in India), when came the day I heard my calling. This call was not intentional, not forcefully thought, but came from a great necessity that I felt that time. I had questions, a lot of them, most of which were “not meant to be answered” as they said. In the great need to find those answers, mostly out of curiosity, I found a way and that was not something, like talking to a friend, or praying to God for help, or looking for horoscopes hoping for a better future. It was something internal, felt from inside. It triggered a new side of my character. Before, I used to be short-tempered, arrogant (though I still am, a little!), rude, impatient, irresponsible and more inclined to materialistic desires. Now, I am rarely angry, calm, polite, kind, patient, responsible, and more spiritually aligned. All this because of my decision of choosing to answer my call than relying on my fate waiting for things to become better eventually.

At every decision of my life, my family always supported me. My parents always motivated me and gave me the freedom to think and act freely. And this was the best privilege anyone could ever get. I can live my whole life earning back what they have provided me and all that would still not be enough. Today, whatever I am, and at whichever step of the ladder of success I stand, it’s all because my family gave me the freedom to decide what I wanted to be. I can never be more thankful to them.

All the people I’ve met, my friends, my relatives, and the ones who crossed my path, even for once, are the ones who played a very important part in my life. Because these are the ones who taught me many things worthy of taking ahead forward in life with. Thank you all for being such significant souls. A part of me will always be in your debt for making me what I am today.

Wishing the best of days ahead!

Let the celebrations begin 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Day I Become Me!

  1. Wishing you a very Happy Birtday Van.. What a lovely post in Gratitude to who you are and from where you came and all those whom supported you along the way.. May you have a wonderful Day Van xxx

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