Shades of Woman

Dedicated to all the wonderful woman out there who play a variety of roles throughout their lives and make a difference in this world with their vibrant shades.
Women! You are wonderful and this is dedicated to you 🙂

Remember that song,
That made you sleep,
That hug full of love,
When you used to weep,
That care disguised as a scolding,
Those hands you never stopped holding,
Her powers to make every wrong right,
Her faith in you to fight,
A shade of woman, like no other,
She is your loving and caring mother!

Remember those games,
You used to play,
With someone like you,
But different in a way,
She became a friend,
That never went away,
You argued, you fought,
But still together you stay,
She knows your secrets,
And you know hers too,
She loves you the way,
No one will ever do,
A shade of woman, so different she is,
An adorable and beloved sister she is!

Remember those mornings,
When you woke up in your bed,
Greeted with a smiling face,
And a kiss on the forehead,
Any problems you faced,
She always stood by,
Just to see you smile,
Anything she would try,
Your other half, she’s lovely and smart,
Her love for you would never take you apart,
A shade of woman, the love of your life,
She is your beautiful wife!

Remember those moments,
You spent out together,
And the late night talks,
That only went better and better,
She listened to you,
And knew you too well,
Without her your world,
Was as bad as hell,
A shade of woman, loyal till the end,
She is your crazy but helpful friend!

Remember those nights,
When she used to weep,
And you sang a lullaby,
To make her sleep,
Anything she wished,
You accepted with grace,
Nothing could you deny,
On her cute smiling face,
She took your great care,
And made you proud,
You have cried together,
And even laughed out loud,
A shade of woman, your princess she is,
Beautiful and bright, your daughter she is!

She was born equal,
Like you, like me,
With life, full of dreams,
Of what she wanted to be,
With all her vibrant shades,
Amazingly merged into one,
The spirit of a woman,
May her will be done!

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