LOVE – The Unexplained (The Untold Story)

Beneath the normal shades of skin,
Grows a flower of LOVE within,
The fragrance of life,
From the blossoming soul,
The shower of happiness,
From part to whole,
Like a petal opening one by one,
Uncovering the life to the shining sun,
Throwing to light its growing pleasure,
Securing inside the priceless treasure,
Inside, a warm feeling devoid of pain,
Outside, a strange expression of being insane,
No regrets, only concern,
Way to go, no return.

Among the echoes of words we hold,
I hear a story of love untold,
Where falling from skies,
Comes an angel in disguise,
And holds that flower,
With her divine power,
Closing her wings, she holds my hand,
Walking with me, she makes me glad,
Stealing my heart, she never flies away,
She is forever be mine, come what may,
I hear a story that may no longer be held,
The untold story of LOVE-The Unexplained….!!

©Varun K. Sharma

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