Today is a very special day! It’s 21st of August, a day to celebrate for three special reasons. First, today is Raksha Bandhan, an Indian festival in which sisters tie bands of love in the wrists of their brothers and brothers promise their sisters to protect them from all harm they may face throughout their life. This is not just a celebration but a test of faith, trust and love towards one another. And like other Indian festivals, this day, too, is a new experience for brothers, sisters and their families. For me, it’s my first Raksha Bandhan when I’m away from my sisters. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it this time but I really miss my two lovely sisters who supported me and prayed for me at every step of my journey towards success. But then, I guess there are many things that we have to face for the first time in our life. That’s hard, but that’s the reality of life!

happy_blogoversary1Second reason why this day is special is that today is my blog’s Blogoversary! It’s been three years since I’ve started writing that has changed my perspective towards life. So, in a way, it feels like I was re-born three years ago and since then I’ve been evolving in my nature and my perspective. There are many things I’ve seen and experienced as I have interacted with different kinds of people– all different with different nature and different beliefs but some things in common. Through writing, I have learned to be open to new ideas, new possibilities and new experiences. And this change has introduced me to a new world that was already there but was somehow invisible to me! Through this blog, I want to show this new world to the entire humanity through my eyes; that’s why the blog actually!

There’s one more thing that can become ‘reason’ enough to celebrate the day. My blog has crossed the 40,000 all-time views milestone.40000-hits This clearly shows that I’m reaching a greater audience and more people are being influenced by the picture I present in the back of their minds. I hope to connect to more people this year too. Let there be millions more walking towards enlightenment.

I would like to end this post with a poetic composition of mine:

“Walk the grass green, walk the ash grey,

 When you have decided to walk, then don’t just stay,

 Jump above the cliffs, climb the rocks,

 Don’t bother to look back, whoever stops!”


© Varun K. Sharma


  1. we both r missing u dear……..u r a spcl person in our life…….stay blessed….. proud to hve a brthr like u…..luv u alot……..:)

  2. Hey congratulations for the awesome three years and many more to come. Keep writing…God bless you genius 🙂

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