This poem is written in the style, a little different from my previous ones. There are two ways you can read this poem:

1) Read it simple and plain, just for fun and interpret it as you move on without giving much emphasis on the deeper meaning of words and stanzas.

2) Imagine a situation where you are watching a scene in which a killer with a gun is going to shoot a person who is laying helpless on the ground. Neither of them is speaking any words, and same goes for you. Now, just before the killer shoots the person, imagine that you are the killer, and read the poem. Then imagine you are the person on the ground, and read the poem again. Finally, imagine you as YOU and read it again from a third person perspective. You’ll find that the lines stands valid from all the three perspectives, i.e. for all the three persons – YOU, the killer and the person on the ground. This new kind of poetic style I would like to name as holographic poem, which clearly shows multi-perspective singularity.

Now, let’s start the game!


When hands of innocence are filled with blood,
My heart too gets cold as yours,
But those hands are also some flower’s bud,
Don’t you consider, it too has a source.

When weapons are triggered in the name of a purpose,
My hands too tremble with the urge,
But the one being shot is also nervous,
Not separation, but he wants to merge.

When blades tear apart the vitals of flesh,
My nerves too get stuck as yours,
But the distinct chunks were together, alive and fresh,
Now scattered they can’t be united by force.

When bonds are broken in revenge’s name,
My eyes too get wet with pain,
But the past and present are never the same,
Don’t you believe, time passes and minds gain.

When a life is taken by human hands,
My soul too goes down as theirs’ do,
But the mind has doubts in all its bands,
I can’t make out what to believe and what not to.

That life is a gift equal for all,
No matter how large, no matter how small,
That soul rises after death, never ever should it fall,
This is the truth, the truth above all,
Live it, cherish it, imbibe it, and make the right call!!


2 thoughts on “THE TRUTH ABOVE ALL

  1. WOW! this is very powerful Varun and I read it twice and it sent a chill, for to take a life any life for any reason is wrong!…
    Blessings sent your way , I hope all is well in your world?
    ~Sue xox

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