There are just so intangible statements about life that almost every person might have, at least once in his lifetime, been strangled by one question which is: “What should I believe in?”question

There are certain events that trigger this question in your mind. Events like, losing someone so close to you, falling sick with some serious disease, unexpected loss of money or property or shares, repeated events that make you sad, loss of faith in anything that exists, sudden ignorance by friends and colleagues, etc. Whatever may be the reason, the result is this question, with no answer!

So, what should you believe in? And more important than that, is it really so important to believe in something? And what if we simply move on without believing in anything? Or what if we believe in everything that comes our way?

Well, these questions seem absurd and not quite important to answer. But these are the questions, the answers of which will help you to know what you should believe in! So, is it really necessary to believe in something? Well, I would say YES! A life without belief can’t exist! Everyone needs a direction! Imagine a scenario when you have nothing to believe in! You won’t believe in anything and so, you can’t express your ideas and therefore, you can’t act as well. Can you imagine your life without action? NEVER!!

Now, what if you believe in everything that comes your way! According to me, that’s not possible because you can’t proceed in a single direction (towards your goal or desire) with scattered thoughts. So now, you are left with just one question: What should you believe in, if you have to? The answer to this question lies in a very valuable realization which says: You perceive that you believe and you believe that you perceive!” This is the cycle of truth.

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When you believe in something, you perceive it. For example, you believe in GOD, so you perceive the results from his worship; you believe in happiness, so you get it; you believe in dreams, so you have it; you believe in hard work, so you act upon it; you believe in knowledge, so you know it. The journey from belief (that is in mind) to perception (that is in reality) is known as manifestation.

mind achieve'When you perceive something, you believe in it. That’s because you sense it, so you believe in it! But this can lead to some doubts and misinterpretations as well because not everything that you sense is actually real. Sometimes, your senses may fool you! Therefore, the journey from perception (that is in reality) to belief (that is in mind) is known as realization. Therefore, in order to believe in what you perceive, you don’t just have to observe it, you have to realize it!

In order to understand the depth of reality a thing holds, you have to perceive it deeply with details. For example, what do you understand by a wooden table? It’s a flat wooden slab supported by four or more legs and it is solid. Now, a tricky question: Do you perceive it as a table, that’s why you believe it to be a table OR Do you believe it to be a table, that’s why you perceive it as a table? In simple words, which thought comes first – Believing it as a table, or perceiving it as table? It may seem like it doesn’t really matter in this case because whether you perceive first or believe first, the table is a table!

But think about bigger things and more important things connected to your life. When you want to achieve something, you have to believe first that it is already yours. Then, with time and effort, your achievement becomes your reality; which means you can now perceive it! So, belief turned into perception, that’s manifestation. In this case, belief comes first!

You perceive many things around you almost every instant. Some of them are a result of your own beliefs, as I said earlier (i.e. manifestations) while many others do exist even if you do or don’t believe in them. For such things, which exist even without you believing in them, you learn from them, understand them, observe their details, analyse them with reason and logic, learn their pattern and so you BELIEVE in them. Perception turned into a belief (or set of beliefs), that’s realization. In this case, perception comes first!

When you create things out of your imagination and project them into the real world where you can actually perceive it, then you are creating your own reality from your own will. And when you understand and learn from things around you and develop a belief about its existence, then you are realizing a truth about the world you live in.

So, if you have a dream to achieve, start believing in it; it will soon turn into your reality. And if you want to know about the unknown, start realizing the truths; because life circles around manifestations and realizations. And once you are aware of which of the two is currently going on in your world, then you are enlightened with the answer. That means, you know where you stand, what should you believe in, and whether your perception is a truth or another illusion.

You create, you perceive; you perceive, you believe; and you believe, you create!

© Varun K. Sharma

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