What do you believe in? Do you believe in gravity? Do you believe in GOD? Do you believe in your existence? Do you believe in LOVE? Do you believe in time? Do you believe in dreams? Do you believe in energy? Do you believe in whatever you realize? Do you believe your gut feeling? Do you believe in your intuition? Do you believe in prayer? Do you believe in religion? Do you believe in spirituality? Do you believe in ONENESS? Do you believe in money? Do you believe in death? Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in angels and demons? Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe that the existence of this world is because you BELIEVE it to be so? Do you believe that changing your beliefs changes your reality? Do you believe that your beliefs are unstable or lying on weak foundations? Do you believe that having a belief is a waste of time and distracts you from your path? Do you believe that everything you see around you is actually real? Do you believe that whatever you sense is actually present there right in front of you in the physical world? Do you see what you see or what others tell you to see? Do you believe what you believe or what others tell you to believe? Do you sense that time moves fast or sometimes slow? Do you believe that there’s more to life than what you experience every day? Do you believe that there are things unexplained to you and you need to peep into them to understand their true nature? Do you sometimes get confused about things happening around you? Do you want to know the reason behind few hardships that you face? Do you feel that life has more to offer to you than what it gives you? Do you believe that there are many things which need explanation and there are many things that don’t? Do you believe that your perception creates your beliefs and your beliefs create your world around you? Do you sometimes wonder that there is a need to change things which are not falling in place? Do you feel there is a great power behind the creation of this world? Do you believe that your mind is responsible for everything that you sense? Do you believe that having a belief to actually believe something is necessary at all? Do you believe you can live without having any belief? Do you!!????


2 thoughts on “DO YOU???

  1. Yaa I do believe… but i also believe that the reason behind it is unexplained.. or may vary as per the individuality and perception…

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