Adding Further Dimensions

Physics has always amazed me. Whether it's somehting as simple as the Newton's laws of motion or as difficult as Quantum Mechanics, there are always wonders along the way of understanding each one of them. We live in a world that is 3 dimensional. Everything that exists, which we can interact with, has height, width … Continue reading Adding Further Dimensions


Yes! The title may surprise you at first but I’m talking about curves generally (not about that specific one you are thinking!). A curve can be understood in many different ways by different perspectives. Let us discuss these perspectives one by one: Perspective 1. Simple Observation A curve is a line which appears to be … Continue reading CURVES ARE AN ILLUSION!


What do you believe in? Do you believe in gravity? Do you believe in GOD? Do you believe in your existence? Do you believe in LOVE? Do you believe in time? Do you believe in dreams? Do you believe in energy? Do you believe in whatever you realize? Do you believe your gut feeling? Do … Continue reading DO YOU???