MEDITATION – The One Way Out of Everything…… Inside!!


People wonder how someone, sitting quiet in solitude without uttering a single word and without any tiny movement, finds peace inside him. They wonder how someone can control his thoughts by just sitting quietly and observing. And nothing stops them from wondering even about how someone can consciously monitor every thought that comes to his mind by doing “nothing”. I, too, wondered the same way years ago. Few years ago, when I was unaware, I also wondered about such things and doubted if these can really happen. And then, when I  became aware, I realized that it can happen and that too, so simply that it’s really hard to expect it to be this way.

Sitting quiet, motionless, without any sound except that of breath, tells nothing about MEDITATION. Misconceptions and misinterpretations have led to a wrong understanding of this miraculous disciplined freely-available wonderful divine and joyful practice known as MEDITATION. I’m not here to define the word MEDITATION or to provide you a simple definition of this word, nor am I here to tell you about the best way to meditate. I’m here just to tell you one thing that I recently realized during my meditation, about meditation. During this not-so-long-but-deep meditation session, I realized that meditation, as believed by many, doesn’t always cure diseases or heals the body, but there’s one more aspect independent and strong enough to frame your reality. And that is, mediation, indirectly or directly, guides you towards achieving things that can’t be achieved only by meditating. Few things such as local healing, distant healing, chakra alignment and healing, creating balls of positive energy discharge, can be done by meditation alone, by following certain techniques. But, apart from that, meditation brings changes in your life, indirectly. For example, suppose you have two ways of doing a single thing, one is through meditation and other; you have no idea about (although you know there is!). If you couldn’t achieve success directly by meditating, then meditation will show you some other beneficial, valid and suitable way by which you can achieve success. This is called Guidance through realization, Sitting and breathing, while monitoring your thoughts, alone sometimes can’t change things for you. And when this happens, meditation guides you to an alternative path, through which you can achieve what you wanted to!

Be it any problem of the world, or of you, or anyone else, meditation is that one way that brings you out of everything you are stuck in!  Believing and perceiving are two sides of the same coin, but awareness of thoughts is the sole thing that gives you the power of knowledge and freedom of confidence to openly believe in anything you feel as right and everything you perceive as good. Meditation, tells you just that! It’s miraculous because it not only directly changes things, but indirectly makes arrangements so that the change can happen the way you believed!

Remember, the one way OUT of everything……….is INside!

That’s it! Just wanted to share my experience. To know about techniques of meditation and the feelings that come in your mind and body during meditation, stay connected 🙂

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