MEDITATION – The One Way Out of Everything…… Inside!!

People wonder how someone, sitting quiet in solitude without uttering a single word and without any tiny movement, finds peace inside him. They wonder how someone can control his thoughts by just sitting quietly and observing. And nothing stops them from wondering even about how someone can consciously monitor every thought that comes to his mind … Continue reading MEDITATION – The One Way Out of Everything…… Inside!!

LOVE – The Unexplained (The Endless Journey)

A journey I dreamed of, You and me walking together, Building our future homes, Memories at every step we gather, Looking into each other's eyes, Hearts beating fast, Holding your hands in mine, Waiting for conversation to start, Frozen lips, crippled words, Love in the air we breathe, Strange places, unknown worlds, Warmth of our … Continue reading LOVE – The Unexplained (The Endless Journey)


Neither the beating heart, Nor the successful start, Neither the infinite blue, Nor the friendly crew, Neither the material world, Nor the golden word, Neither the wonderful gifts, Nor the surprizing "lifts", Neither the masked people, Nor the inspiring ripple, Neither the interesting talks, Nor the silent walks, Neither these city lights, Nor the vengeful … Continue reading I EXIST….