The Irresistible Cycle


Man is to food or food is to man,

He eats what he should or he eats what he can,

Blood is to body or body is to blood,

He throws humanity in the devastating flood,

Love is to heart or heart is to love,

He is a monster but acts like a dove,

Life is to meaning or meaning is to life,

He curses every moment and lives in strife,

Action is to speech or speech to action,

He speaks many words, less of satisfaction,

Blessing is to prayer or prayer is to blessing,

He is mean to himself, and GOD is ‘nothing’,

War is to peace or peace is to war,

He struggles in the silent ocean to get a scar,

Desire is to dream or dream is to desire,

He runs after images, realities seem to conspire,

Learning is to acceptance or acceptance is to learning,

He resists the water and keeps on burning,

Light is to dark or dark is to light,

He remains hopeless with unclear sight.

Life is a cycle of preceding opposites,

Sometimes a mixture of unstable composites,

The irresistible cycle of the bad and the good,

Makes it interesting, as so it should!!!

One thought on “The Irresistible Cycle

  1. Nearly 9 years ago i got a virus on my computer. You know how it starts; the contraption freezes and you realise somethign just isn’t right. this isn’t a normal freeze… something is going on. Somethings in control, and its not you. Sure enough, my screen faded to black and remained like that for what must have been ten or so seconds, then something remarkable happened. Ghosting in was a simple message which read:


    you are somewhere in-between


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