MEDITATION – The One Way Out of Everything…… Inside!!

People wonder how someone, sitting quiet in solitude without uttering a single word and without any tiny movement, finds peace inside him. They wonder how someone can control his thoughts by just sitting quietly and observing. And nothing stops them from wondering even about how someone can consciously monitor every thought that comes to his mind … Continue reading MEDITATION – The One Way Out of Everything…… Inside!!


This is the story of a child, Who was born under shelter, not in wild, Raised by a family so loving and kind, In the whole land, difficult to find, Weaving the dreams of successful life, He always got slices, never needed a knife, Innocent eyes, true tongue tips, He was still afraid to move … Continue reading A CHILD’S BATTLE


On the roads that we walk, There are leaves that are shed, From the trees once green, Where flowers once bred, With some voices that whisper, But no memories in their head, Every sound from the nature's core says, "Some words are better left unsaid" In the minds of people, There are 'talks' that rest, … Continue reading SOME WORDS ARE BETTER LEFT UNSAID