The Power of Thought

A while ago I was thinking about drawing a sketch, and I did it. Before that, I thought I couldn’t do it, until I tried for the 10th, 11th or 100th time. Trying is good, very good but what urges you to try? The tiny doubtful but slightly confident thought that tells you maybe, just maybe there is a slight chance that you can do it. It all starts with a thought.

Take the example of photography. I’m very much involved in photography and find ways to observe and present subject from unique perspectives. Photography is not simply click of a button. It doesn’t rely on muscle memory, like playing a musical instrument. In order to show something the way you see it, first you have to see it, not from regular angles but something that triggers a feeling in the minds of viewers. The photo of a flower may look very normal when clicked from above, or sides or below. But the same flower, when highlighted in front of the sun, or when clicked while an insect sits on it, or when light source from behind creates a silhouette, looks captivating and different. Don’t you agree? Even before you change the settings of the camera, even before you put your finger on the shutter click button, there’s a process in the background that already creates a picture and demonstrates how the picture should look like. A thought, raw, untouched, maybe imbecile, juvenile or naive too but the seed that becomes the foundation of what you are about to create; in this case, a photo clicked by camera.

Consider mountain climbing, or ice skiing, or developing a habit you never had before, or thinking of quitting a bad one. None of those are possible, unless you realise the power of thought and accept the fact that you alone control what you think about an idea and no one else can shake it off your mind without your permission. Such is the power of thought, that it makes you believe in things you never thought you could do. It incurs new habits within you, brings you closer to yourself by giving you a better understanding of who you are or who you want to be. The better you know yourself, the better judge you become in knowing what you can do and what you can not.

Take this idea to the negative side, and there are negative impacts as well. The nature of your thought creates ripples that will raise high waves and move things floating on the surface. Although the ripples can’t be avoided, but they can be used to either drive the boat or sink it.

One thought on “The Power of Thought

  1. There is a process in a background that already creates.

    This is true. I strongly believe this. 🙂

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