This poem explains one of the various instances when the rush of emotions come into my mind while  meditating. There is darkness and in between that darkness, there’s light. There’s silence and in between that silence, there’s voice. There are doubts, and in between those doubts, there are answers. It’s like a candle lighting in the dark, where the flame is the Source of all knowledge and darkness is the illusion that we live in.


Between the shadows,
Lies my light,
Any step I take,
Left or right,
Darkness encounters,
Hiding my feet,
Silence enchants,
With soundless beat,
Time goes slow,
Tides go high,
Meanings become low,
“What” becomes “why”,
Flood of questions,
Wave of doubts,
Between the shadows,
Even silence shouts.

Light brings hope,
To live and let go,
Sometimes even the night sky,
Gives a positive glow,
It’s all a game,
Of being in dark or light,
Beyond the layers of illusion,
Lies the truth away from your sight,
Between the shadows,
You become strong and brave,
And in the light,
Rests your grave.

©Varun K. Sharma

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