After all those so called ‘philosophical’ posts on change, spiritual awakening, etc., let me share my experience and realization on a slightly different topic.

A lot many times I hear people cursing one another or the situation for their own mistakes. I did that too, many times but now I wonder what the…….point behind doing all that is! You all know that cursing the situation or the person will never solve your problem; it’s just a way to escape the frustration and anger. In most of the cases, situations may even go worse after you curse!  Sometimes, we say bad words just for fun; we simply laugh at them and enjoy. Enjoying is good, laughing is even better but are there no other matters left to laugh at than just enjoying at such filthy words?


I lost my keys! What the %$#!

I am late for the meeting! What the %$#!

Why can’t I do it better? I’m such an *$%#*@!

Situations may or may not be in your favour but there seems no point in cursing the situation by using such words which not only sound uncomfortable but also take away a part of you. For some people, words are just words. It hardly matters for them what they say. For others, words are like arrows; once shot, they create an impact. But a person is better judged by his words; ‘choice of words’ to be more precise. Not every one of you may have excellent writing or communication skills or vocabulary but you can certainly become good in communication, if not excellent; and good is all that is needed.

It’s not necessary that a person who has poor choice of words can never be a good person. Actions always speak louder than words. But being good in words and the manner we speak opens a window of our true character to others. Therefore, others can see you as you really are! Being good to others is appreciable but good things start with good ideas, and to share your ideas while keeping their quality intact, your words should be acceptable too. Speaking those filthy words that may affect the sphere around you will do nothing good to you too! So, speak well, be good, be YOU!

 ©Varun K. Sharma

One thought on “WHAT THE…..POINT???

  1. Stubbing my toe or having something incredibly frustrating happen will cause me to send a ‘bad’ word flying. I admit. It happens. But I agree that the spray of profanity for profanity’s sake is just irritating and in literature, I think it is lazy. It is easy to snatch the vulgar instead of portraying it through actions and descriptions.

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