Crowdy mess, but organized, Sad faces, but satisfied, Loose bodies, but running, Comfortable seat, but tiring, White board, but black, Shining lights, but dark, Loud chatter, but low, Fast life, but slow, Shrewd people, but nice, Fools around, but wise, Web of wires, but straight, Early to reach, but late, Fresh minds, but old, New … Continue reading CROWDY MESS


After all those so called ‘philosophical’ posts on change, spiritual awakening, etc., let me share my experience and realization on a slightly different topic. A lot many times I hear people cursing one another or the situation for their own mistakes. I did that too, many times but now I wonder what the…….point behind doing … Continue reading WHAT THE…..POINT???

AWAKENING – It’s not that easy!!!

Do you understand what I say? Can you feel what I feel often? Do you even understand my language or my accent? Are you able to understand the logic or the reason behind the things I say or believe in? Do you sense the change that I’m feeling inside out? Can you help me find … Continue reading AWAKENING – It’s not that easy!!!