Thinking, do you think for long, Singing, do you sing your favourite song, Watching, do you watch till the end, Following, do you follow the trend, Caring, do you care unbound, Hearing, do you hear every sound, Loving, do you love without reasons, Enjoying, do you enjoy all seasons, Walking, do you walk unknown roads, … Continue reading BECOMING REAL, DO YOU?!


After receiving so much love and acceptance from the bloggers all over the world, I've now decided to create a new blog titled "Frames of Reality", that will be dedicated to my photography. I'm very much inclined towards photography as I'm towards writing. So, I tried to blend my art of writing with my art … Continue reading FRAMES OF REALITY


Neither the beating heart, Nor the successful start, Neither the infinite blue, Nor the friendly crew, Neither the material world, Nor the golden word, Neither the wonderful gifts, Nor the surprizing "lifts", Neither the masked people, Nor the inspiring ripple, Neither the interesting talks, Nor the silent walks, Neither these city lights, Nor the vengeful … Continue reading I EXIST….