Dedicated to Nikita Aggarwal, one of my blogging friends. Please visit her blog as she writes really amazing!! Deep in the ocean's crust, Past those deadly pieces of rust, Was born a flower from the decaying seed, Spreading fragrance in the colony of weed, With a unique perspective, a mission in hand, Living in high … Continue reading A VOICE OF SMILING WAVES


1) "Poetry tells you different ways to look at a single word; it denies the dictionary of words...!" 2) "On the way to success, you'll find those elements that never succeeded in making you what you wanted to be...!" 3) "Doesn't matter what have you become, what matters is who you really are..!" 4) "You … Continue reading VARUNGENIUS QUOTES #4


Inside a secure shell, Away from manly hell, She protected me from teary rain, Giving me breaths, taking my pain; Breathing same air, hearing same sound, Connected by blood lines, together we are bound, Feeling what I felt, Dealing what I dealt, She never blamed my moves, Holding me tight, she never let me loose. … Continue reading MOTHER