18; Varungenius; 10,000

“To live in love gives a real meaning to my life, and to lift the odds give a new dimension to my personality!”

This is who I am and what I ever wanted to be! This post is dedicated to my life and to everyone who are connected to it in some or the other way. Today, 18th April, is a very special day for me; yes! It’s my birthday!!! But not just my birthday makes this day special; there are many things that are more valuable to me than my birthday……and that’s YOU….the readers, the admirers, the encouragers, the commenters, the critics, the followers, the likers, the bloggers, the inspirers, my friends and most important of all, my family! Birthday, for me, is nothing special; it’s just like any other day……the sun rises in the east, the day ends in 24 hours, the pace of time remains same, the air we breathe remains the same, and so on…! So what’s so special….or what makes this day so special? It’s YOU…..the people, my friends, and my family! YOU make my day special, by making me feel special. Today, I was very happy and quite surprized to receive a beautiful gift from a ‘new but old’ friend of mine, Isha Kalra. She is a blogger on wordpress and very sweet person. We haven’t met personally, but what I know of her, is enough to shape her true personality in words. She dedicated a post to me, the words of which touched my heart. This is the link to her post:

A Surprise

Thank you Isha for such a wonderful birthday gift! On this very special occasion, I would like to thank all who supported me, starting from my family. I live in a small town, Lakhanpur, where most of the people I see, are still living in ‘old age’. They haven’t developed their beliefs since the past few decades…..growth of human character is stagnant here. But even among these people, my family helped me survive the dark corners and brought me to light. My family protected me, guided me, inspired me and motivated me to do what I really wanted to! I was given the freedom to express myself and develop myself the way I wanted. My family provided me everything I wished for, and fulfilled all my desires, right from being 1 to now being 21….!!!

You might be surprised looking at the title, “18, Varungenius & 10,000”. So, here’s what it means! ‘18’ that’s my birth date; ‘Varungenius’ that’s my current identity, and ’10,000’ that’s my success number…..a milestone of 10,000 hits on my blog, that I recently crossed! The reason for putting these three things together is that these three ‘things’ have framed my life. My birth date allows me to thank my parents for giving me birth in this wonderful and beautiful world; my identity ‘Varungenius’ is the space that I created for myself, a proof of my existence in this world; and finally ’10,000’ is the success milestone that I have crossed because of YOU! So, these are all connected to my life in some or the other way!! It all started with an inspiration, from nature around me and with passing time, I acquired the wonderful ability of interpreting the nature in my own words. And today my blog has 70 followers and a lot many admirers. It is all because of YOUR continuous support and appreciation that I have crossed a milestone of 10,000 hits (all-time views) on my blog! It seems to be just a figure, but it gives me intense satisfaction to know that I really inspire people. I’ve also been honoured with 9 blog awards past three months.

Once again thank you all for your support and appreciation!!


17 thoughts on “18; Varungenius; 10,000

  1. I knew it this one had to be a great one… its really so sweet of you to make us a part of your identity, that makes the true varun. Its our pleasure to know you and read your so wonderful post you share with us.
    and ya about that lil surprise, it was nothing in front of your so caring nature. I just tried a bit to make you smile. But you had always brought smiles on many faces. keep rocking. And yes, happy birthday once again.
    It was lovely to know about your and your life 😀
    I really appreciate your parents for nurturing you as a very good human being. Make them proud always just like you had been doing. 😉

  2. HEY ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAAR !!! Just one special day filled with a lot of happiness makes you feel all the more perfect in your life. Good luck ! and God bless you always ! 😀
    And CONGRATS too !!! 😀 😀 😀

  3. Happy Birthday to you Varun and Thank you, for you are a special person, I may not get to comment on here as often as Id like, But you make our days also very special with your posts.. Your love and enthusiasm and humour and caring ooze out from your Blog pages.. Wishing you another 10,000 hits and another Very Happy Year of growth in all you do.. Blessings Sue Dreamwalker xx:-)

  4. i m speechless after reading ur blog…….today i m really so hpy and grateful to god fr your success which u get by your own hardwork nd your gud thnkng…..its just a beginning dear…….my support and my best wishes are always with you………MY GENIUS BROTHER……….

  5. liked the description of the three things tht framed your life. Beautiful. Cpngrats. n a belated happy birthday. 🙂

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