LOVE – The Unexplained (The Inner Voice)

Alone I was walking, in an exile,
Searching long for a short smile,
Throwing stones into the river to make it cry,
Draining water from the sea to make it dry,
Painting the sky with tiny drops of ink,
Turning day into night in just a blink,
Counting the leaves on limited fingertips,
Balancing heavy words on fragile lips,
Walking on the path less passed by,
Hoping to see a hand supporting me try.

Then came a vibe that uttered a voice,
To speak to someone, someone very nice,
Word by word, I made her picture so clean,
Never heard her voice, and never seen,
Just a figure of love I had in mind,
Of someone really hard to find,
Then strangeness flashed even in familiar sights,
My nights were days, my days were nights,
Time was no longer real, neither was life,
Only LOVE became reality, LOVE became my life,
There was no gravity, but still I felt a pull,
I was attracted to a space, empty but full,
And today I’m free to live in LOVE, not bound,
Glad to have listened to my inner sound,
Don’t know what it is, that fills me with rejoice,
Maybe it’s LOVE – The Unexplained…..the inner voice!!

©Varun K. Sharma

16 thoughts on “LOVE – The Unexplained (The Inner Voice)

  1. Aha !! Awesome man !!.. Varun, I like the way you have portrayed everyone’s feelings of love in such simple words and all the words awesomely rhyme with each other !! 😀 Loved it a lot !! ❤

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