These glittering stars,
Those blooming flowers,
This fragrance of light,
That silence of night,
These unearthy travels,
Those energetic levels,
This breeze of smiles,
That distance of miles,
These windows of glass,
Those fears of loss,
This moment of joy,
That eye so dry,
These curves of beauty,
Those angels in duty,
This tingling in heart,
That sound of Mozart,
These waves of pleasure,
Those times of leisure,
This connection of souls,
That bundle of scrolls,
These unsaid words,
Those strange worlds,
This pull of gravity,
That unavoidable reality,
These unbroken threads,
Those bleeding “reds”,
This path unseen,
That face so clean,
These drops of rain,
Those giggles in pain,
This feeling so new,
That diamond shining dew,

15 thoughts on “REMINDS ME OF YOU…..

  1. Woah ! Hold on boy !….you’re in deep love ! 😉
    And the poem is amazing Varun ! I love the rhyming pattern and the expression. 🙂

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