Intuition, I am!

Make a wish, I'll help you choose, Get up and move, let yourself loose, Right or left, I'll whisper it to you, Let me take you someplace new, Break the chains, I'll give you the strength, Be ready to walk to a greater length, Silence your mind, hear me out, Words can be discreet, I … Continue reading Intuition, I am!

Don’t Ignore The Signs

When the words fall short, And things make no sense, Keep looking for signs, Before all the hope ends. When the sky looks dark, Even in broad daylight, Keep looking for signs, Hidden in plain sight. Trust your inner voice, Don't let anything move you, Don't ignore the signs, They might lead back to you. … Continue reading Don’t Ignore The Signs

LOVE – The Unexplained (The Inner Voice)

Alone I was walking, in an exile, Searching long for a short smile, Throwing stones into the river to make it cry, Draining water from the sea to make it dry, Painting the sky with tiny drops of ink, Turning day into night in just a blink, Counting the leaves on limited fingertips, Balancing heavy … Continue reading LOVE – The Unexplained (The Inner Voice)