When the clouds stop to rain,
And when I’m in intense pain,
There’s something I see in the drops,
That’s invisible, rises up high, then stops.

When my breath starts to sway,
And when hope goes away,
There’s something I see in the air,
That brings me back from drowning despair.

When my decisions seem to be wrong,
And when my lips forget a song,
There’s something I see in the printed lines,
That reminds me of my strength I had at times.

When my beliefs start to question for reason,
And when walls of my faith become my prison,
There’s something that I see inscribed on stone,
That makes me feel that I’m not alone.

When my life begins to shatter away,
And when my eyes can no more see in usual way,
There’s something I see with my inner true eyes,
That’s invisible to me but always it guides.

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