There are many things I want to tell,
And still many more for which I want to yell,
I was always left behind, now I want to lead,
With modest virtues in mind, I need speed.

While others focus on winning, I wish to learn,
Success for me is to have reason for what I earn,
While others value money, I value relations,
Love for me is one of nature’s best creations,
While others wish for fame, I believe in action,
Work for me is something that gives internal satisfaction,
While others remain silent, I want to scream,
Life for me is like a beautiful night dream,
While others wish to race, I prefer to walk,
Nothing goes wrong in this world unless we can talk,
Many wish for things that hardly they need,
With great ambition in mind, I need speed.

I need speed,
To help the ones in need,
To stop the flow I bleed,
To nourish a dormant seed,
To change ‘may be’ to ‘indeed’,
To cut the unwanted weed,
To review my every deed,
To walk away from greed,
To come forward and lead,
I need speed.

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