LOVE – The Law of Nature part 2

There are times when I wonder,
Seeing many new things I ponder,
Understanding the laws of nature, I admire,
Inhaling a deep fresh breath of love, I respire,
Like me, have you ever wondered,
That you are one among the hundred,
Who is chosen for a special ‘someone’,
Someone expecting you in every rising sun,
Have you ever noticed the way,
A flower blooms its petals away,
The way it attracts the flying yellow,
With colours bright and intentions shallow,
Have you ever observed the night sky,
With glittering stars at a distance far by,
Outline of a moon that pulls the waves high,
The beauty of which makes your eyes dry,
Have you ever seen the ocean vast,
With blue water not moving so fast,
The series of ripples that “attracts the shore”,
The splashing sound that relieves you more,
Have you ever questioned your relations,
When you were stuck in crazy situations,
What then brings you back to believe,
That relations once made you can’t just leave,
Have you ever tried to reason them all,
And felt there’s something that never lets you fall,
I believe there’s a law that governs your fate,
LOVE, the law of nature, that your hearts create.

©Varun K. Sharma

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