Life goes forward, I’m left behind,
On the fading footsteps, I can hardly find,
Light falls ahead, I’m still in dark,
In the cornered street, with no sign, no mark,
Raindrops fall on head, I’m still so dry,
With wet cold feet, I can’t move by,
Cool breeze swiftly flows, I’m still so numb,
With louder thinking inside, I’m still called “dumb”,
That is in front of my eyes, I’m still unable to find,
I can’t figure out “Where’s my mind?”

People run fast forward, I go slow rewind,
People stay in front, I remain behind,
Flowers bloom before my eyes, I simply can’t ignore,
Sweet music floods my ears, I wish for more and more,
Sky changes colour at every instant of light,
But I’m still so wondered watching the glittering night,
Time runs fast, I see it walking slow,
People start to fight, I like to be in flow,
Nature creates mysteries, I’m still unable to unwind,
I simply can’t figure out “Where’s my mind?”

Where many find their way, why can’t I find?
Where many remember facts, why can’t I remind?
When others can lead ahead, why am I left behind?
When others live in future, why do I go rewind?
Is the world too selfish or is it me who’s too kind?
Has the time been fast or has it made me blind?
Is there someone alike or I’m just one of my kind?
I still can’t figure out “Where’s my mind?”

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