A time not so long ago,
I was low in life but high in ego,
When all the bridges were broken,
And all the signs were mistaken,
The city where I lived was pale,
And there was no one to tell a fairytale,
Only two hands I held so firmly and strong,
To stand up as RIGHT ignoring the wrong,
I thought I was complete in everything,
But there was a feeling of missing something,
Searching everywhere I found no clue,
That can show me something absolutely true,
I tried everything I could,
Until a spark ignited my SELFHOOD.

Then in a time not too far,
I became aware of WHAT WE ARE,
A flow of energy I felt throughout,
With ripples and pulses going in and out,
I started a journey so calm and quiet,
That I learned to see even the brightest light,
With new birth of character emerged a new heart,
Feelings, emotions and expressions were no longer apart,
Everything I saw now was converging to one,
What I just thought I could do, was already done,
Every wish of mine came to be true,
With positive mind and patience too,
I looked deep inside in search for inner peace,
And found a way inside my SELF for it to release.

And today I am transformed and refined,
Not even thinking to look behind,
I am bringing out my absolute reality,
Far far away from this world’s formality,
Everytime I blink, I travel a different realm,
Where this world is a myth and reality is dream,
Today I live in a world where LOVE is everything,
And every idea that emerges is worth something,
Whatever I do, I now do with courage and pride,
As nothing else is true, except my SELF, my only GUIDE….!!!

8 thoughts on “My SELF is my GUIDE

  1. simply ossumm!!! and i can clearly sense which hands ur talking about!! i hope the :OVE alwzz stays to make u stand against all odds!!! ur just florishing with every single day!! amazinggg varun the Genius!!

  2. How beautifully you describe your awakening. How peaceful we feel when we finally understand who we really are and that all we need to know comes from within. Your blog is very special. Keep writing. hugs, pat

  3. i m really shocked after reading all ur blogs… superb writing…wonderful thinking u hve…nd i m proud to hve a brother like u….keep it up…nd may god bless u….

  4. You have grasped the concept so well.. If only more could see and look within.. really look.. they would be surprised by what they could find and pull out from the dark well we can all at times get pulled into… I am so happy you are transformed and refined and NEVER look behind.. Keep striding forward.. and follow your heart- your instincts and your Inner Guide…
    Peace and Blessings sent your way.. ~Sue Dreamwalker

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