When GOD created human…

He who created this universe with his ultimate energy,
Took six days to construct the elements of beauty,
Then on the seventh day, at the climax of creation,
He created man and woman to serve Him for a reason.

And before the time of rest (Sabbath), the creation began,
From the heavenly dust, GOD created man,
In the nostrils by blowing a breath of life,
The first man on Earth, Adam, came alive.

Then GOD created a garden of Eden at the edge,
And planted the trees of Life and Knowledge,
Ordering Adam to look after the trees of Eden,
He threatened that eating the fruit of Knowledge is highly forbidden.

GOD served Adam with animals to tame,
But none proved as companion to man’s name,
After making Adam sleep, GOD created a woman,
From a part of Adam’s body, to serve the Garden of Eden.

Then came a Serpent who tempts the woman Eve,
To eat the fruit of knowledge with nothing wrong to believe,
Aroused by the beauty and ability to grant wisdom,
The Eve couldn’t resist and ate the fruit with Adam.

Aware that they were exposed, they hid themselves from GOD,
Blaming the Serpent for the fault, they tricked the Lord,
The Serpent was cursed for his treacherous insanity,
He lost his legs and was made the enemy of humanity.

Seeing the disobedience of man as a saviour,
GOD condemned man to sustain life through hard labour,
Disappointed by the ignorance of woman to serve the Earth,
GOD condemned woman to create new life through painful childbirth.

The two were banished from the Garden of Eden,
And the Tree of Life was protected for some special reason,
This is the story of our father Adam and mother Eve,
True or not, it’s for us to believe.

3 thoughts on “When GOD created human…

  1. woww amazing!!! seriusly a teriific wrk!!! i am actaully very surprised..evn though i have heard f ths stry lot f tym bt the way u hve presented it os jusst soo b’ful!!!!!! excellent wrk!!! 🙂

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